moody plant

What would your plants say about you?

About the project

Have you ever wanted your plants to tell you how they are feeling?

When you pet your moody plant will tell you how it is feeling with cute animal like sounds. It will be in a happy mood as long as you treat it right but if you neglect it for too long it will get angry and hiss at you.

Giving your plants a voice will extend their lifespan dramatically. Perfect for all the not so green thumbs out there but also for everyone who likes to talk to their greenery anyway!



touch sensitive

Once you transfer your favorite house plant into our pot, all of their leaves become sensitive to your touch.

affectionate voice

When touched, the moody plant reacts with animal-like sounds. Depending on its health it might e. g. hiss, purr or miau.


A moisture sensor inside the pot detects if it needs watering or if you are in danger of developing mold due to water-logging.


Is your baby getting too cold on that window sill? Just listen to if your moody plant is quivering and you’ll know.


Some plants need more, some like less sun. No need to guess:. If you hear it yawn, get it somewhere brighter!

custom tailored to your plant

Every species is unique and needs different care. Use the app to set up for the perfect care for your specific plant.

Become a co-founder


"If you want to join the adventure of bringing this weird new organic tamagochi to the market, I would love to hear from you. Passion, creativity and sympathy are the most important factors in finding a co-founder. Specific skills you can learn but you can't overcome a lack of harmony and team spirit!

...also, it wouldn't hurt if you had a soft spot for plants in your heart."
Michael Reiter
You know your way around finances? You like to take care of funding, income calculations and you always have a clear overview around the spendings?

Then this could be you:
Co-Founder #1
You are a creator? People love everything you design and you want to put that talent to good use?
Here you could get the chance to design everything from the pot itself, the website, an app and the general company style:
Co-Founder #2
The product is done and it's amazing. Now it's going to sell itself, right?

If you just laughed at that statement you might be the right person to let the world now about the incredible moody plant:

Co-Founder #3
Start-Ups are exciting but somebody needs to make sure to keep us out of trouble.
If you like to taking care of an IP-strategy, getting certificates and making sure we pay all the taxes we have to but not more than we need, this is you:
Co-Founder #4

You see yourself in one of those positions?
Or you think you can participate in another way?

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